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Signature Croissants




Pain au Chocolat

Stuffed Croissants

Almond Strawberry

Apple Pie

Raspberry Cream


Strawberry Nutella Stuffed


12 1/2 Size Lemon Cranberry Scones

6 Cheddar Onion Scones

6 Lemon Cranberry Scones

Cheddar Onion Flatbread (6ec)

Frozen Raw Cheddar Onion Scone Tray (54 pieces/108 small)

Frozen Raw Lemon Cranberry Scone Tray (54 pieces/108 small)


24 – 2 bite Assorted Cookies

24 – 2 bite Chocolate Chip Cookies

24 – 2 bite M and M Cookies

24 – 2 bite Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

6 Giant Assorted Cookies

6 Giant Chocolate Chip

6 Giant M and M Cookies

6 Giant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Assorted Brownie

Butter Tart Square

Cheesecake Brownie

Double Fudge Brownie

Reeces Peanut Butter Brownie

Rocky Road Brownie


Banana Chocolate Chip

Chef’s Feature

Assorted French Pastries

48 Assorted French Pastries

48 Assorted mini Tarts

Mini Tarts

Apple Crumble Tarts

Chocolate Raspberry Tarts

Lemon Curd Tarts

Strawberry Crumble Tarts

Individual Desserts

Apple Crumble Tart

Butter Tart

Chocolate Pecan Tart

Chocolate Raspberry Bomb

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Flourless Black Forest Tower

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Tower

Flourless Death By Chocolate

French Lemon Curd Tart

French Lemon Raspberry Tart

Fruit Tart

Irresistible Carrot Cake Baton

Neapolitan Baton

Pecan Tart (no garnish)

Salted Caramel Triangle

Tiramisu Slab (Sold in corrugated trays 24-36 portions)

Triple Chocolate Mousse Tower


Black Forest

Blackout Cake – 10″




Chocolate Frenzy Mousse – 10″

Chocolate Obsession – 10″

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle – 10″

Dulce de Leche – 10″

Fruit Flan- 10″

Heavenly Hash

Lemon Chiffon

Nutella – 10″

Pink Lemonaide – 10″

Red Velvet

Salted Caramel – 10″

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberry Crumble- 10″

Triple Chocolate – 10″

Individual Cheesecakes

Apple Caramel Crumble

Bumble Berry Crumble


Chocolate Niagara Cherry

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Salted Caramel

Dulce de Leche

Lemon Curd

New York

Niagara Cherry


Reece’s Peanut Butter


Strawberry Lemonaide

Ungarnished Individual Cheesecake

Ungarnished – Chocolate

Ungarnished – Vanilla Bean

Ungarnished Caramel

Mini Cheesecake

48 Assorted mini Cheesecake

Ungarnished Mini Cheesecake

Ungarnished Chocolate

Ungarnished Salted Caramel

Ungarnished Vanilla Bean



New York Cheesecake

Ungarnished Cheesecake

Caramel 10″

Caramel 8″

Chocolate 10″

Chocolate 8″

Vanilla 10″

Vanilla 8″

Gluten Free

Black Forest Gluten Free

Chocoholic Gluten Free

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Gluten Free

Double Fudge Brownie

Reeces Peanut Butter Brownie

Rocky Road Brownie

Mousse Trays

Salted Caramel (24-36 slices)

Strawberry Jaconde (24-36 Slices)

Tiramisu Tray (24-36 slices)


6pc “Perfectly Imperfect” Macarons

Assorted Macaron Tower (36pc)

Assorted Macarons Bakers Dozen (boxed)

Duo Bagged Macarons

Half Dozen Assorted (Boxed)

Macaron – Single Bagged

Trio Box


Bacon Cheddar

Cheddar Onion Flatbread – 6pc

Chef’s Choice

Chicken Biscuit Pie – Individual

Chicken Pot Pie – Individual

Puff Pastry Circles 6″


Available November 1 - December 31

After 8 Cheesecake – 10″

After 8 Cheesecake – Individual

Asst. Holiday Buffet Cakes – 10″

Asst. Holiday Buffet Cheesecake 10″

Asst. Holiday French Pastries 48 pc

Asst. Holiday French Pastries 48pc

Candy Cane Cheesecake 10″

Candy Cane Cheesecake Individual

Chocolate Caramel Mousse

Cranberry Orange Loaf Individual

Cranberry White Choc Cheesecake – Individual

Gingerbread Sticky Toffee Pudding – Individual

Hazelnut Paris Brest Wreath

Holiday Macarons 50pc

Snowy chocolate Truffle Bomb – Individual

Turtle Yule Log 10″

Ungarnished Candy Cane Cheesecake – 10″

Ungarnished Candy Cane Cheesecake – Individual


Available September 1 - October 31

Apple Caramel Crumble Cheesecake 10″

Apple Caramel Crumble Cheesecake Individual

Apple Crumble Tart

Pumpkin Cheesecake 10″

Pumpkin Cheesecake Individual

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

Pumpkin Flavoured Macarons (tray of 50)

Smoores Cake

Spring & Summer

Available April 1- August 31

Coconut Keylime Cheesecake 10″

Coconut Keylime Cheesecake Individual

French Lemon Raspberry Tart

French Lemon Tart

Neapolitan Baton

Raspberry Rose Petal White Chocolate Bomb

Strawberry & Cream Cake

Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake 10″

Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake Individual

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